The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One – Crispy

McDonald’s Wrap of the Day every SaturdayAlso available in Grilled Chicken.

Ingredients and Energy Delivered By The Caesar & Bacon Chicken:

crispy chicken
Chicken Select
Large Tortilla
Large Tortilla Wrap
Cool Mayo
Caesar Style Sauce
Crispy Onions
Crispy Onions
Beechwood Smoked Bacon
Streaky Bacon

Nutritional Information:

Ingredients and Allergen Details:

  • Chicken Select: it includes chicken breast meat, water, wheat flour, vegetable oils, starch, yeast extract, salt, spices, acidity regulators, gluten, raisin, onion powder, garlic powder, Spice Extract (contains CELERY), and stabilizers. It is prepared using non-hydrogenated vegetable oil in the restaurant. *The product may have traces of milk and mustard.
  • Caesar Style Sauce: Caesar Style Sauce is the main secret of the delicious taste of this wrap and is made with water, rapeseed oil, spirit vinegar, milk cheese, egg yolk, sugar, modified starch, Dijon mustard, salt, garlic powder, acidity regulator, stabilizers, preservative, savory seasoning, black pepper, and natural flavoring.
  • Large Tortilla Wrap: is prepared using wheat flour, water, humectant, fiber, rapeseed oil, flour, raising agents, emulsifier, stabilizer, yeast, salt, and wheat starch. May contain sesame seeds, milk, barley, and rye. *The same toaster that is used to toast buns with sesame seeds is used to prepare rolls and tortilla wraps.
  • Streaky Bacon: this masterpiece is extracted from pork or pork belly including salt, smoke flavoring, sugar, Sodium emulsifier, Sodium antioxidant, Sodium Nitrite preservative, water, salt, sugar, and smoked water.
  • Crispy Onion and Lettuce:  The crispy onion is coated with Wheat flour, and salt and cooked in vegetable oil, and the lettuce is also completely healthy and picked from nutrition-packed farms.

It is a meticulous mixture of chicken, lettuce, crispy onions, streaky bacon, and Caesar-style sauce all wrapped in a tender tortilla wrap, producing an iconic taste.

While McDonald’s wraps are quite popular and impressive but McDonald’s Big Mac stands out as the most globally celebrated menu item.

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