The Garlic Mayo Chicken One

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One

Ingredients and Energy Delivered By The Caesar & Bacon Chicken:

crispy chicken
Chicken Select
Large Tortilla
Tomato Slice
Tomato slice
Cool Mayo
Garlic Mayo

Nutritional Information:

Ingredients and Allergen Details:

  • Garlic Mayo:  is a refreshing infusion and the key feature of this wrap is made with water, rapeseed oil, sour cream, spirit vinegar, sugar, modified maize starch, free range egg yolk, garlic puree, salt, spices, thickener, and potassium sorbate.
  • Chicken Select:  includes chicken breast meat, water, Wheat flour, vegetable oils, starch, yeast extract, salt, spices, acidity regulators, Wheat gluten, raising agents, onion powder, garlic powder, spice extract (contains CELERY) stabilizer, and flavoring.May contain traces of milk and mustard. The chicken is prepared using non-hydrogenated vegetable oil.
  • Large Tortilla Wrap:  consists of Wheat flour, water, humectant, Wheat fiber, rapeseed oil, whole meal Wheat flour, raising agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, yeast, salt, and Wheat starch having some traces of sesame seeds, milk, barley, and rye. The same toasters are used by the chefs to toast buns, rolls, and tortilla wraps.
  • Side Salad: Tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumber used in this wrap are fresh and nutrition-full and are grown naturally on farms.

Yes, the Garlic Mayo Chicken Wrap provides a good portion of calories (350(kcal)) and is absolutely a balanced meal.

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