McDonald’s Biscoff Frappe Limited Time Offer 2024 In Just £2.99

McDonald’s Biscoff Frappe

New McDonald’s UK Biscoff Frappe Availability

End Date Of McDonald’s New Menu Biscoff Frappe In The UK

Ingredients Of McDonald’s Biscoff Frappe In The UK

The full ingredient list is:

Vanilla Biscoff® Blended Ice Drink Nutritional Fact

Nutritional Amount per Serving % Reference Intake

Quick Allergen Guide For Vanilla Biscoff Frappe At McDonald’s

Why The Biscoff Frappe At McDonald’s Is A Must-Try!

The Biscoff Frappé at McDonald’s blends a vanilla flavor common with squash Biscoff cookies, all protected with caramel cream. This drink has collected outstanding reviews for its great, creamy texture and burly, tasty flavor. Liked for its super taste, the Biscoff cookies. Its fixed opportunity adds to the passion, making it a wanted treat during its occasional set free.

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